Approach & Strategy

Looking for a fresh perspective? Collaborate with Christina to revise your website, update your marketing material or refocus your company message. Although her approach is traditional, the results are innovative, dynamic and bold. With every project, Christina’s focus will be to truly understand your company’s needs and goals.  

Clients & Services

Capture the attention of your target market and deliver your message – perfectly packaged – with style and a suitable “voice.” Christina has helped a diverse group of companies stand out in the crowd. She writes, edits and researches for companies in the auto industry, hospitality and tourism and international real estate development.  

Teamwork & Synergy

Brainstorm ideas with Christina. Reveal the possibilities and opportunities to connect with your target market. Create innovative online/print messages and an updated company presence. Imagine the possibilities when we do business as American novelist Louisa May Alcott aptly pointed out: “It takes two flints to make a fire.”